■摩登語錄合唱團 20年風雲語錄精選(2 CD)74321-96825-2

■摩登語錄合唱團 20年風雲語錄精選(2 CD)74321-96825-2

Modern Talking-Let's Talking!

從80年代到2003年 出道以來首度2CD超豪華122分鐘紀念精選!收錄18首最精彩冠軍單曲+六首經典絕版加長版舞曲與全新連續混音輯!

Disc One(Total Time:71:53)最精采冠軍單曲

01.You're My Heart,You're My Soul 你是我心 我的靈魂
02.Just We Two(Mona Lisa) 只有我倆
03.You Can Win If You Want 隨心所欲
04.Save Me-Don't Break Me 拯救我
05.Cheri Chari Lady 雪莉女士
06.Angie's Heart 天使心
07.Brother Louie 路易兄弟
08.Only Love Can Break My Heart 只有真愛傷我心
09.Atlantis Is Calling(S.O.S For Love) 亞特蘭大的呼喚
10.Lady Lai 萊雅女士
11.Geronimo's Cadillac 傑洛米的凱迪拉克
12.Doctor For My Heart 醫治我的心
13.Give Me Peace On Earth 給我一片寧靜土
14.Jet Airliner 噴射客機
15.You Are Not Alone(1999新曲) 你不孤獨
16.China In Her Eyes(2000新曲) 她眼中的中國
17.Win The Race(2001新曲) 勝者為王
18.Ready For The Victory(2002新曲) 迎接勝利

Disc Two(Total Time:49:31)絕版珍藏混音特輯

01.You Can Win If You Want(85'Special Dance Version)
02.Cheri Cheri Lady(85'Special Dance Version)
03.Brother Louie(86'Special Long Version)
04.Atlantis Is Calling(SOS For Love)(86'Extended Version)
05.Geronimo's Cadillac(86'Long Vocal Version)
06.Jet Airliner(87'Fasten-Seat-Belt Mix)
07.The Ultimate Nonstop Mix(Space Mix Feat.Eric Singleton)(2000全新連續混音輯)
  Cheri Cheri Lady(New Version)
  Brother Louie(New Version)
  You Can Win If You Want(New Version)
  Doctor For My Heart
  Geronimo's Cadillac(New Version)
  Sweet Little Sheila
  Atlantis Is Calling(SOS For Love)(New Version)
  In 100 Years(New Version)
  Jet Airliner(New Version)
  Locomotion Tango
  You're My Heart,You're My Soul(New Version)